Monday, February 24, 2014

Watchlist 2/25/2014 - $NVLX, $EKSO, $VEND, $YOD, $DLIA

NVLX Brokeout at the end of the day and kept rising I bought at the end of the day expecting a morning gap followed by a quick decent. If it rises quickly enough I'll short into the drop as well.

EKSO held strong after the morning run up and consolidated nicely throughout the day. Profit takers took some off the table towards the end of the day, but during the last few minutes EKSO spiked a bit. Expecting a morning run and drop, and maybe even some more consolidation throughout the day.

VEND is picking up speed. Maybe the short will finally be there after a big morning run up.

YOD fell all yesterday. Expecting a drop coming.

DLIA Currently long, expecting a morning gap on a seeking alpha article saying it's, "...Poised to Triple"

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