Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge Review: Paperwork, Introductions, and the Syllabus - Part 2

After agreeing over the phone to become a Challenge Team member and giving my interviewer my credit card info over the phone, I was sent an application via email. It had the usual BS lawyer paperwork that we as Americans have become accustomed to signing these days. Nothing unusual. I signed my life away and signed another paper with my credit card info allowing Tim's team to charge my credit card. I also gave them an address for where they should ship via 2 Days shipping Tim's entire Pennystocking DVD course. Luckily for me they said they could ship to an FPO (for anyone reading this that is in the military). Unluckily for me I was returning home soon and didn't want the package arriving after I had already returned to the States (one never knows when packages will arrive via military mail). I therefore sent it to my US address and had to wait a month or so til I could watch the DVDs. Luckily for me Tim has numerous online lessons that I studied in the meantime, but that will be covered later.

After returning all the paperwork to 'Glenn' my interviewer, I received a shotgun blast of emails from Tim and his team. Now, I won't say the initial emails are over whelming, because I've served as an officer in the Marine Corps (I'm trying not to remember all the emails I received back then) and anyone in some kind of management position these days probably knows and receives a lot more emails than I received during that moment, but surely Tim's team could streamline all the emails they initially send you. Many of the emails asked for the same info and there seemed to be no organization to the emails. Anywho.

Timothy Sykes sent a short email welcoming me in to the Trading Challenge. Michael Goode is Tim's chat room moderator. He sends you his contact info and a whole bunch of useful links from broker info to trading plans. A few other people welcome you and give you "homework" asking, "what your two weakest trading qualities are." I responded and never heard back from them. Fine with me.

The syllabus is pretty straight forward and yet old, in need of updating, and ginormous. The fact that so much info is given to you all at once I think overwhelms people and many don't know where to start studying. Further, the syllabus isn't actually that big, but the amount of material that Tim has for you to go through is in the hundreds of hours. It mentions weekly "homework" assignments that will be emailed out, but really the only homework assignments for you to study are his video lessons. Which is honestly probably all the better. I recommend you just dive in to the online video lessons. The Russian Seminar is a good start if you must have me list a video. From there I'd watch the DVDs following the order listed in the syllabus.


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