Sunday, February 23, 2014

Watchlist 2/24/2014 - $NVLX, $XOMA, $EKSO, $CARA, $MXC, $SGMO, $BLDP, $EXAS

NVLX broke out Friday afternoon but had resistance at .3 Will look for a gap up, but if it doesn't break .3 will sell quickly. holding long over the weekend
XOMA up on conference news. Lots of prior resistance however. Will look for dip buy opportunities.
EKSO It's exploding over the weekend with both Tim and a Seeking Alpha article pumping it. Afterwards, I'll consider buying on a dip and looking for a breakout as the story develops.
CARA- A superman pump. Will consider buying on a dip and on some gearing/perking.
MXC- possible breakout at 9.5 after good earnings. Still has a lot of resistance however so I'll get out quick if it turns.
SGMO up on earnings. Close to a breakout at 20. Will dip buy and double down if it breaks 20.
BLDP up on news, earnings, and a pump. Will look to buy on a breakout past 3.
EXAS is a earnings winner. Looking for a breakout past 15.

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  1. Thank Paul! You described watch list very well. I just read it and can't stop myself to appreciate you. Brilliant! Keep it up!!
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