Monday, March 31, 2014

Watchlist 3/31/2014 - $PGTI, $ARTX, $SYRG, $QUIK, $GSAT, $VLCCF, $CORT

PGTI-looks to be setting up an ABCD pattern.
ARTX- up on contract and a seeking alpha article.Will look to short if it can't break key resistance levels. A possible buy if it does break and hold them.
SYRG- Grinding up to it's highs. Will look to buy a breakout if it holds or short the resistance.
QUIK-will look to short at key resistance level. There is a lot of profit taking in the overall market in this type of stock.
GSAT- will look to short into or buy a big morning dip. Not much went on Friday afternoon.
VLCCF- downward trending. Will look to short.
CORT-just following. Currently near some key resistance areas, don't think it will break anything, but don't want to short this.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Watchlist 3/4/2014 - $OXBT, $XGTI, $PLUG, $PEIX

OXBT the FDA has lifted it's hold on one of it's drugs. Up on a morning gap already, but will look to buy dips.
XGTI's patent that will allow for improved spectrum efficiency. I'ts already at a 3 month high. Will look to buy dips. Watchout as earnings are coming Thursday.
PLUG is up huge on a contract with Wall-Mart and a breakout. I've played it yesterday and will consider taking a new position today.
PEIX up on earnings and a new seeking alpha article. Will buy on a breakout and support at the prior resistance.