Friday, February 28, 2014

#Watchlist 2/28/2014 - $DANG, $MCIG, $BEAT, $CTIC, $TSEM, $NOR

DANG I bought it at the breakout of 12 yesterday and it just kept going. Holding overnight looking for a gap up. Will probably sell into it.
MCIG has been going up for a few days now. Holding a small position overnight Will sell into a big morning gap, but I'm also considering adding a small longer term position after doing some more research.
BEAT earnings winner. Will buy at 12 breakout.
CTIC approved drug use in the EU. Buy at breakout around 4.25
TSEM brokeout on earnings yesterday. Already up, but will buy on a big enough dip and or some gearing/perking.
NOR earnings winner, will look at buying dips.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Watchlist 2/25/2014 - $NVLX, $EKSO, $VEND, $YOD, $DLIA

NVLX Brokeout at the end of the day and kept rising I bought at the end of the day expecting a morning gap followed by a quick decent. If it rises quickly enough I'll short into the drop as well.

EKSO held strong after the morning run up and consolidated nicely throughout the day. Profit takers took some off the table towards the end of the day, but during the last few minutes EKSO spiked a bit. Expecting a morning run and drop, and maybe even some more consolidation throughout the day.

VEND is picking up speed. Maybe the short will finally be there after a big morning run up.

YOD fell all yesterday. Expecting a drop coming.

DLIA Currently long, expecting a morning gap on a seeking alpha article saying it's, "...Poised to Triple"

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Watchlist 2/24/2014 - $NVLX, $XOMA, $EKSO, $CARA, $MXC, $SGMO, $BLDP, $EXAS

NVLX broke out Friday afternoon but had resistance at .3 Will look for a gap up, but if it doesn't break .3 will sell quickly. holding long over the weekend
XOMA up on conference news. Lots of prior resistance however. Will look for dip buy opportunities.
EKSO It's exploding over the weekend with both Tim and a Seeking Alpha article pumping it. Afterwards, I'll consider buying on a dip and looking for a breakout as the story develops.
CARA- A superman pump. Will consider buying on a dip and on some gearing/perking.
MXC- possible breakout at 9.5 after good earnings. Still has a lot of resistance however so I'll get out quick if it turns.
SGMO up on earnings. Close to a breakout at 20. Will dip buy and double down if it breaks 20.
BLDP up on news, earnings, and a pump. Will look to buy on a breakout past 3.
EXAS is a earnings winner. Looking for a breakout past 15.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Watchlist 2/20/2014 - $WPWR, $CLGL, $MVIS, $UNTD, $VEND

WPWR- A red day yesterday watching for possible morning drop.
CLGL- Gold stock are up, and all this stock has to do it break yesterday's high for a breakout.
MVIS- Up on contract with Sony. Watching the breakout.
UNTD- Earnings winner. Watching the breakout.
VEND-Short a small position overnight

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Watchlist 2/20- $CHTP, $LIVE, $OPTT, $LIOX, $REVI, $YOD

CHTP Gapped up FDA approval yesterday, but then fell. Will look for a similar situation tomorrow morning and will short it if it gaps/rises more then a $1 per share.
LIVE was a weeks worth of history of it droping sometime in the morning. Will look to short any morning spikes.
OPTT is still over extended on a contract news. Looking for opportunities to short.
LIOX and REVI are earning winners looking at buying on dips.
YOD still overextended on a seeking alpha article. Looking to short a morning gap/run.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Watchlist 2/18/2014

Marijuana is HOT! Bought ERBB and TRTC under another Marijuana hype session Friday afternoon. Will look to sell both early in the morning. Possibly premarket.  I am glad though that I took some profit before the weekend though to limit potential losses if things go sour. Possible dip buying on ERBB througout the day tomorrow.
SYMX They are pumping their new contract. Shot up Friday. Will look at buying dips short term.
BMRN announced FDA approval on friday. Possible dip/breakout buys.
VEND will drop someday and if there are shares available I will be there to earn the $.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Watchlist 2/14/2014

IO Gapped up on earnings. Will look to possibly dip buy.
OWW I bought it in the close yesterday. An earnings winner and an upgrade from a third party. Close to breaking out. Will look for a another morning move like it did yesterday.
OPTT has history of spiking and slowly fading. Look at the two year chart. It's had 3 days of spiking and no correction. Will look for the big drop tomorrow.
YOD is up on a seeking alpha article and looking top heavy. Will look to short tomorrow.
VEND is still being artificially held up. It will collapse eventually, and I mean to be there.
LIVE is still going up on fluff news. Once it looks top heavy I will be looking to short.

Watchlist 2/13/2014

LIVE is close to a breakout. Watchout however. It is up on pump news. Don't get caught holding it when peeps finally wise up.
YOD is still up via a seeking alpha article. Will looks for opportunities to short.
OPTT-Contract winner with Lockheed. Might buy on dips.
VEND is still over extended and continuing to show weakness. Got to wait till the right time to get in to short it though or else it could short squeeze you. Following it like a hawk.
MEDL is presenting at a conference today. Will look to sell my shares into any spike.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Watchlist 2/12/2014 - Today';s Stocks to Watch

LIOX is an earnings winner close to a possible breakout.
SB is also close to a breakout
BAS will look to possibly morning dip buy if the price action is quick enough.
VEND are all still over extended pump/Marijuana plays I'll look to short when possible.It started showing some weakness yesterday afternoon, but I played it safe and didn't get in. Will look to possible get in today if possible.
CNTO yesterday got halted. Sadly I wasn't in it at that time.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge Review: Paperwork, Introductions, and the Syllabus - Part 2

After agreeing over the phone to become a Challenge Team member and giving my interviewer my credit card info over the phone, I was sent an application via email. It had the usual BS lawyer paperwork that we as Americans have become accustomed to signing these days. Nothing unusual. I signed my life away and signed another paper with my credit card info allowing Tim's team to charge my credit card. I also gave them an address for where they should ship via 2 Days shipping Tim's entire Pennystocking DVD course. Luckily for me they said they could ship to an FPO (for anyone reading this that is in the military). Unluckily for me I was returning home soon and didn't want the package arriving after I had already returned to the States (one never knows when packages will arrive via military mail). I therefore sent it to my US address and had to wait a month or so til I could watch the DVDs. Luckily for me Tim has numerous online lessons that I studied in the meantime, but that will be covered later.

After returning all the paperwork to 'Glenn' my interviewer, I received a shotgun blast of emails from Tim and his team. Now, I won't say the initial emails are over whelming, because I've served as an officer in the Marine Corps (I'm trying not to remember all the emails I received back then) and anyone in some kind of management position these days probably knows and receives a lot more emails than I received during that moment, but surely Tim's team could streamline all the emails they initially send you. Many of the emails asked for the same info and there seemed to be no organization to the emails. Anywho.

Timothy Sykes sent a short email welcoming me in to the Trading Challenge. Michael Goode is Tim's chat room moderator. He sends you his contact info and a whole bunch of useful links from broker info to trading plans. A few other people welcome you and give you "homework" asking, "what your two weakest trading qualities are." I responded and never heard back from them. Fine with me.

The syllabus is pretty straight forward and yet old, in need of updating, and ginormous. The fact that so much info is given to you all at once I think overwhelms people and many don't know where to start studying. Further, the syllabus isn't actually that big, but the amount of material that Tim has for you to go through is in the hundreds of hours. It mentions weekly "homework" assignments that will be emailed out, but really the only homework assignments for you to study are his video lessons. Which is honestly probably all the better. I recommend you just dive in to the online video lessons. The Russian Seminar is a good start if you must have me list a video. From there I'd watch the DVDs following the order listed in the syllabus.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Watchlist 2/11/2014

YOD Bought it at end of day today. Expect it to continue movement in the morning. Might keep half and let it ride throughout tomorrow depending on price action.
IDN is up on a seeking alpha article will look to buy bounces if the trend continues tomorrow.
MJNA Possible movement tomorrow after news that Florida may propose legalizing medial pot use.
FITX, LIVE, CNTO, and VEND are all still over extended pump/Marijuana plays I'll look to short when possible.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge Review: How I Started Trading - Part 1

"Bro, I'm done with this."- Me
"With what?"- Friend
"I can't wait to get back to America."- Both of us.

No, it's not that I really missed America that much...don't get me wrong. I love America. I love Texas, I love having seen the Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone, Pikes Peak, the Red Woods, Big Bend, standing in 4 States at once at the Four Corners, I love ladies with blond hair, beauties with black and every color in between...but I also love seeing the world. And why not? I'm 27. It's the 21st century. Some scientist argue we have population problem, so why not be part of the solution? least for now... 

My issue was the grind. I couldn't do it anymore, and neither could my friend. Wake up, work, go to bed, repeat, and I was in the United States Marine Corps! How can this be! What went wrong?

I joined the Marines to stay away from a desk job, and yet, there I was from 0730 (7:30 am) to 1700 (5 pm) on a good day in front of a computer typing away. Many occasions it was much later, but that is despite the point really. I don't mind working. It just has be something I enjoy. Now, I consider the Marine Corps to be the most efficient bureaucracy in the world. ...Take it or leave it... But the amount of BS I had to do was mind blowing, and to me...intolerable.

My EAS (End of Active Service) as we liked to call it was coming up. So basically my contract was up and it was time for me to leave the USMC. Finally. But what should I do?

I spent a lot of time with my friend on this subject, but basically, it came down to this. In the end, I just wanted $. Didn't really matter how the money came in. I also noticed that I spend an exuberant and unnatural amount of time researching stocks. 

Anyone else here have a AAII (American Association of Individual Investors) Lifetime Membership and Wall Street Journal yearly membership? Yeah, probably a very few of you. 

I has the typical Buffet buy and hold investor. I had read "The Warren Buffet Way" and "The Intelligent Investor" and had all my money in AMZN, P, S, BIDU, and a then I threw in a little excitement by buying ONVO and LNG. 

I had thought of starting a few businesses, but nothing stuck like stocks. I already had the interest, and I knew I didn't want to go find some desk job anywhere. So I started researching. I actually can't remember how I found Tim's site initially. I do remember thinking it was a scam. I almost closed out the window as another pop up. (Oh, so much I would have missed out on) Who was this skinny, nerdy guy saying he could make me a millionaire? 

"Oh please, you're so fake", I thought. And yet, something made me stay long enough to google, "Timothy Sykes Scam".

First two articles didn't look positive, then I saw that he was on a TV show...He can't be on a TV show if he's a scam right? 

Guess that was failed logic...anywho...

He was on TV and therefore legit, so I did a little more research and I found a blog of someone that said he was a Tim Sykes student. His review was more or less positive, but said that you could honestly learn all the things he teaches on your own if you wanted using free resources. 

Now just so you understand my mind-state after reading his blog , to me it basically read, "You could learn it all on your own, but it's always easier to learn from a teacher/professional than trying to learn things on your own". 

That was enough research for me. I didn't think he was a scam (mostly), but I wasn't sure I wanted to pay the fee. I wasn't sure if I could actually do what he teaches. So I signed up for Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge 7 free lessons. I did all of them. Then it said I needed to do an interview. Might as well, can't hurt. He told me the price for the Challenge. $5500 or so. I was defiantly not ready to lay down that kind of money, but the guy that I did the interview (read... sales guy) hooked me up with 2 free weeks of the PennyStocking Silver Membership. I did lessons every day. I was hooked. 

Ask my friend, I used to watch movies all the time with him, and it was right around this time when I stopped. I think he might have held a small grudge against me at the time...hahaha.

I called back towards the end of my two weeks and paid. I became a Challenge member.

Watchlist 2/10/2014

YOD- Broker out at the end of day on friday. Past contract winner. Will look to buy the bounces or any other good news.
SMT- Earnings winner Friday. Will look to buy the bounces.
CYTK- Earnings winner Friday. Will look to buy bounces.
FITX- Pump and Marijuna play. Exploded Friday evening. Will look for the gap up and morning bull action to short an over extended rally. Also a possible bounce play after the short.
LIVE, CNTO, VEND are all over extended pump Maripjuna plays. Looking to short and possible buying bounces if it rises quick enough.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Intro to My Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge Blog

Over the coming days, weeks, and months I will post my accounts while taking place in Timothy Sykes Millionaire Challenge. I started Tim's Challenge in October of 2013 and have been studying ever since. I was looking for a new source of income for when I left the United States Marine Corps. On Dec 28, 4 days before I would pick up the rank of Captain I left active duty and have been learning how to trade full time using Tim's Strategy ever sense. I will post my Daily Watchlists and answer many other questions about Tim's Challenge hopefully giving insight for anyone else thinking about joining the Challenge. Good luck to all and thanks for coming!